Strings 2

    Awards Concert May 11, Friday (Next Week) 6:30pm


    Finale to Symphony No. 2 by Jean Sibelius: (30 min)
    • Letter M to Letter O
    October by Eric Whitacre (30 min)
    Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations (30 min)

    Next Class:
    Capriccio Espagnol, Movt. 4 and 5

    Students will
    1. Breathe, move, cue, and perform together in synchrony with other musicians. 
    2. Perform accurate rhythms together within a synchronized pulse and a musically convincing tempo. 
    3. Use the same bow weight, speed, and contact point as the other members of the section to create a well-blended ensemble tone and timbre. 
    4. Finely tune one’s own notes to be in tune with other musicians.
    5. Perform the same bowings, articulations, and styles in the same part of the bow as other members of one’s section. 
    6. Use a volume that blends with the section, that balances the importance of one’s own part with respect to the parts of other sections of the ensemble, and that agrees with other players through the peaks, valleys, and points in between of all dynamics and phrasing. 
    7. Convey clear and musically expressive ideas that go beyond the notes on the page; these musical concepts include character, style, interpretation, beauty, intensity, mood, and emotion.

    Google Classroom: 3ei87w (Email a YouTube if you cannot figure out Google Classroom)
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    • Use your school email account, and enter the class code: 3ei87w.

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