Pay Fees and More

To pay this year's orchestra fee or instrument rental fees, please follow the instructions in the right column to sign into Charms--our orchestra database and payment portal--and pay the fees online. If you prefer to write a check, please make the check payable to SOA HS Orchestra Boosters. 
  • Orchestra Fee: $185
  • Instrument Rental Fee: $100
The orchestra fee is tax deductible; the instrument rental is not. We are a tax exempt 501 (c)3 organization, and a receipt with our Tax ID number is available upon request. If you would like to know more about why we have fees, and why it's important to pay them, please keep reading.

What are orchestra fees and why do I need to pay them?

The students in the SOA Symphony program enjoy a world-class education that provides all students with coachings by Charleston Symphony musicians, great professional symphony music, method books, performance opportunities around the Charleston area, T-shirts, and much more (see “How are fees used”). The operating budget for our program is over $13,000 not including the cost of instrument repairs that are paid for by instrument rental fee, and need-based assistance provided in part by our annual Orchestra Oyster Roast.

The SOA High School Orchestra receives $500 from SOA/CCSD to cover the costs of our orchestra program. The SOA HS Orchestra Boosters is a 501 c3 organization created to provide the parental volunteer support and funding that a program like the SOA Symphony requires. When we divide our true operating cost ($13,000) by the number of students not on free or reduced lunch, we get the “fair share” cost of this program per student, which is called the orchestra fee. This fee and all other donations to the orchestra are tax deductible; while it is not required of every student—students on free or reduced lunch are encouraged to pay what they can—the orchestra cannot operate at its current level of success without the funding that these fees provide.

Parents who pay the tax deductible orchestra fee enjoy the comfort of knowing that they are doing their part in paying for the benefits that their children receive, and more. Any reduction in trip cost funded by the Oyster Roast will be enjoyed by all parents who have paid their fees, and if they find sponsors to donate money to the orchestra for the Oyster Roast or the General Budget, they will receive a trip credit of 30% of the amount of their sponsor’s donation.
Thank you!

To Log In from your computer
1. Click HERE or google Charms Parent/Student Portal. 
2. Enter our school code: soaso
3. Enter your temporary student id, which will be the first initial (capitalized) of your first name, followed by your last name, all lower case with no spaces. If you have two last names, we use the first initial of the first and all of the last.
4. After you are signed in we encourage you to change your password to the same password used for your powerschool. Change your password to anything you like; just communicate it with your student/parents. If you forget your password, just email Dr. Selby.

To Set Up Charms on your smart phone
1. Go to the app store and search for Charms Parent/Student Portal
2. Click Download; it should be free to you (it's included in your class fee)
3. Log in and change your password using the directions above starting with step #2.