Gig Board

Gigs are for mature students only.
Students are responsible for every element of a gig: communicating with the hiring contractor, providing their own transportation, and showing up to the performance prepared with all of their music learned well, and all equipment working. Take a pencil and a music stand to every gig (whether you are told you need it or not.) Extra strings are a good idea too.

Three Steps to Getting a Gig:
  1. Contact the hiring contractor to get the details and make sure the gig is not under contract with someone else.
  2. Get a group together; pre-formed groups are best.
  3. Email DR. SELBY the names of every student in the group as soon you have committed to taking the gig.
RULE #1: SHOW UP. Once you commit to a gig, you cannot back out. So, communicate with your parents first to make sure you can be there and do a good job.

  1. Point of Contact (your name):____Brenda Shaw, Director of Fundraising and Corporate Engagement____________
  2. Contact Phone and Email: ___843-747-8146, ext. 162: bshaw@lcfbank.org_____________
  3. Type of Group Desired: Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, more?____Quartet or Trio___________
  4. A Description of the Event (number of attendees, is it background music or a performance, indoor or outdoor: ___Gala/Fundraiser, 350 attendees at the VIP Reception, background music, indoor (North Charleston Convention Center, Exhibit Hall)_____________
  5. Event Location (Please include address):___North Charleston Convention Center, Exhibit Hall C, 5000 Coliseum Dr, North Charleston, SC 29418_____________
  6. Event Date:___Sunday, February 11, 2019_____________
  7. Performance Times (Include start time, end time, and breaks):___5-6 p.m. (preferably no breaks)_____________
  8. Payment per performer:___Request volunteer time. We are a non-profit and will approve volunteer time for students – Great for mandatory community service credits._____________
  9. Description of Preferred Performer Attire (Tux, casual, something in between)___Tux, if available_____________