Gig Board

Gigs are for mature students only.
Students are responsible for every element of a gig: communicating with the hiring contractor, providing their own transportation, and showing up to the performance prepared with all of their music learned well, and all equipment working. Take a pencil and a music stand to every gig (whether you are told you need it or not.) Extra strings are a good idea too.

Three Steps to Getting a Gig:
  1. Contact the hiring contractor to get the details and make sure the gig is not under contract with someone else.
  2. Get a group together; pre-formed groups are best.
  3. Email DR. SELBY the names of every student in the group as soon you have committed to taking the gig.
RULE #1: SHOW UP. Once you commit to a gig, you cannot back out. So, communicate with your parents first to make sure you can be there and do a good job.

February 9, 2018
  1. Point of Contact (your name): Todd Monsell
  2. Contact Phone and Email: (843) 513-3050
  3. Type of Group Desired: Solo, Duet, Trio, Quartet, more? string quartet
  4. A Description of the Event (number of attendees, is it background music or a performance, indoor or outdoor: Patriots Day Celebration at Headmasters' House.  String quartet plays in foyer of the house as 4th grade guests arrive (dressed in colonial clothes) in four staggered groups.  They only need to play for 5 minutes at a time while guests are present in the foyer. 
  5. Event Location (Please include address): Grimball House at Porter-Gaud School, 205 Albemarle Rd, Charleston 29407
  6. Event Date: Fri, 2/9/18
  7. Performance Times (Include start time, end time, and breaks): Approximate: Arrive 6:00 PM, set up / play 6:20-6:25 / break / play 6:50-6:55 / break / play 7:10-7:15 / break / play 7:30-7:35 
  8. Payment per performer: $50.00
  9. Description of Preferred Performer Attire (Tux, casual, something in between) formal attire