Holiday Concert at Gaillard


7:45AM          Load Truck (Timpani, Bass Drum, Aux Percussion, Choral Risers)

 8:30 AM         Non-drivers Load bus (Students Must Sign Up)

8:50 AM         Bus Departs (Chaperone: Judith Herrin)

 9:00                Load In Begins

 9:30                Students Arrive at Gaillard

 10:00              Rehearsal

                        10:00-11:30: Chamber students in auditorium

                        11:30-12:30  Chamber students on stage with Dr. Selby


12:30  PM      Lunch (Bag Lunch) or Pizza (outside—Lynn working on backup)


1:30                Parking Vouchers

2:00                Dress Rehearsal

                        2:00-3:15: Chamber students in auditorium

                        3:15-4:30: Chamber students on stage with Dr. Selby


4:30                Break for Dinner

                        5:00 Dinner on King @ Calhoun (in Groups) SIGN UP--NO CHANGES

                        5:50 Return to Gaillard


5:50                Students Dress in Dressing rooms

                        Girls in Basement rooms/Boys in upstairs rooms

 6:30                Call Time (places) Symphony on Stage; Chamber back stage

 7:00                Concert Begins: Chamber Orchestra Backstage for 1st Half with Mr. Rogers

 8:30                Load Truck, Drive Equipment Back to SOA