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All-State Audition Information

Students that perform in the state's four region orchestras are eligible to try out for All-State Orchestra. Nationally recognized conductors are brought in to work with the state's top students, and the state's top wind students from all-state band will be filling out the full orchestras. The All-State Event is February 24-26, 2017 at Irmo and Lexington High Schools in Lexington, SC. If any parents want to help get a bus and put this trip together as a group, please let me know. Parents have the option of taking their own kids up to All-State as well. If a student does try out and makes it, they ARE required to attend all-state; so, don't try out if you don't plan to go.

Click on the link above to access the site with the all-state audition excerpts. Be sure to click the correct grade level and instrument. No scales or sight reading are required. 

DIRECTIONS TO ALL-STATE AUDITIONS from Charleston: You are highly encouraged to CARPOOL with a couple friends who are auditioning  around the same time as you. 

  1. Take I26 North to Columbia.
  2. Take I20 West (Exit 107) toward Augusta.
  3. Get off at Exit 51, Longs Pond Road (Rt. 204) toward Gilbert
  4. Turn Right off the exit and drive north on Rt. 204 for four miles (Longs Pond Road will change names to Pisgah Church Road).
  5. Turn LEFT at the stop light onto Augusta Road (Hwy 1). Lexington HS will be on your left.
  6. Pass the main entrances of the school (on your left)
  7. Go to the traffic light (pass the school) turn left onto Old Farm Road.
  8.  Take the 3rd drive on the left marked Service Entrance (you are behind the school).
  9. Pass the cafeteria loading dock and dumpsters on your left, a portable and on the right is a gravel lot.
  10. Park in the gravel lot on the right near the Marching Band field and tennis courts.
  11.  You will see signs to enter the back building. Check-in tables will be in the hall between the warm-up rooms.


ARRIVE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EARLY.  When you arrive, follow signs to Registration and sign in. You will go to the warm up room, unpack and warm up there until your name and number is called.   Wait times may vary, though we will aim to have your audition within 30 minutes of your printed time. Parents may sit in the warm-up rooms until their child has finished their audition.

In the audition room, the judges will be seated behind a screen. DO NOT SPEAK during your audition, or you will be disqualified. If you have questions, ask the room monitor outside of your room, and the monitor will speak to the judges.  Once you have finished, you may return to the warm-up room, pack up and go.  You will receive results within a few days if everything goes as planned.

Audition Date: Saturday, January 6, 2018 (Inclement Weather Day: January 14, 2017)

Audition Location: Lexington High School, 2463 Augusta Hwy, Lexington, SC, 29072

Audition Times: These are your audition times listed Alphabetically by Last Name; you may audition earlier, but NOT later. Show up early enough to warm up well BEFORE you time. 

AUDITION TIMES (Listed in Alphabetical order by student's last name)

  1. 10:00 AM Ablonczy, Luke 11-12 Violin
  2. 10:30 AM Adams, Madison 11-12 Bass
  3. 1:00 PM Andrews, Elysia 11-12 Violin
  4. 1:00 PM Andrews, Isabella 9-10 Violin
  5. 3:00 PM Ayiku, Beryl 11-12 Violin
  6. 10:30 AM Beall, Adam 11-12 Cello
  7. 11:00 AM Billings, Aidan 9-10 Violin
  8. 11:30 AM Blevins, Ariana 11-12 Viola
  9. 1:00 PM Butcher, Finian 11-12 Cello
  10. 10:00 AM Canfield, Katie 11-12 Violin
  11. 10:00 AM Cash, Harper 11-12 Violin
  12. 10:00 AM Cawley, Isabela 9-10 Violin
  13. 11:30 AM Coatsworth, Jakson 9-10 Bass
  14. 1:00 PM Colón, Marcos 9-10 Bass
  15. 11:00 AM Denny-Lybbert, Connor 11-12 Violin
  16. 11:00 AM Feaster, Camille 11-12 Violin
  17. 1:00 PM Frazier, Roderick 11-12 Viola
  18. 10:00 AM Garrison, Chris 11-12 Violin
  19. 10:00 AM Gelasco, Katie Jo 9-10 Cello
  20. 1:00 PM Hoch, Jake 9-10 Bass
  21. 11:30 AM Holmes, Julia 11-12 Cello
  22. 3:00 PM Hornig, Josh 11-12 Violin
  23. 1:00 PM Hudson-Jacoby, Jackson 9-10 Bass
  24. 1:00 PM Joyce, Emma 9-10 Violin
  25. 11:30 AM Jung, Seungkyo 11-12 Cello
  26. 1:00 PM Kogler, Kaitlyn 9-10 Viola
  27. 9:00 AM Kozlowski, Lilli 9-10 Viola
  28. 3:00 PM Kremer, Ben 11-12 Violin
  29. 11:30 AM Kremer, Erica 11-12 Cello
  30. 10:30 AM Larkin, Allie 11-12 Viola
  31. 1:00 PM Lim, Andre 11-12 Violin
  32. 9:30 AM Mann, Carson 11-12 Viola
  33. 11:00 AM McArthur, Marshall 9-10 Viola
  34. 11:00 AM Mendes, Manuel 11-12 Violin
  35. 11:00 AM Menkus, Walker 11-12 Violin
  36. 10:30 AM Nell, Josh 11-12 Cello
  37. 11:00 AM Newby, Anya 9-10 Violin
  38. 1:00 PM Smalls, Peyton 9-10 Violin
  39. 1:00 PM Stalnaker, Sophie 9-10 Cello
  40. 9:00 AM Sterba, Lilly 9-10 Viola
  41. 1:00 PM Stewart, Ameline 9-10 Violin
  42. 1:00 PM Stewart, Lauren 9-10 Violin
  43. 1:00 PM Sustaita, Lilli 9-10 Bass
  44. 11:00 AM Thames, Lily 9-10 Violin
  45. 11:00 AM Tipton, Lilly 9-10 Violin
  46. 11:00 AM Ugur, Ross 9-10 Cello
  47. 11:00 AM Weeks, Elliott 11-12 Violin
  48. 11:00 AM Weeks, Emma 9-10 Violin
  49. 1:00 PM Wood, Stella 9-10 Violin
  50. 11:00 AM Yeung, Bethany 11-12 Violin
  51. 11:00 AM Zardus, Jenna 9-10 Viola