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Composition Project

Examples of cool solos and compositions:

Project is worth 15 points as is due on or before May 6. Print this RUBRIC and attach it to your final composition. One point will be deducted for no attached rubric and one for every day after May 1 that this project is late. Students who do not 
submit a work will receive a 0.      
  1. Take a holiday tune or cultural folk song that is part of your heritage and write an arrangement for a small group of two to four players.  Have the different instruments share the responsibility of playing the melody, harmony and bass line.  Writing should be idiomatic, and compositions should be around a minute in length, but no less than 30 seconds or more than two minutes. 
  2. First, write out the melody and show it to Dr. Selby for approval. Make sure that your key signature and time signature agree with your melody. It's length should be comparable to the Star Spangled Banner. If you need a piece of staff paper, click HERE and print.
  3. Next, arrange this melody to be played by you and at least one other (different) instrument. The other part(s) should accompany the melody with a harmony or bass line that sounds good to others. Write out the arrangement so that each instrument gets its own staff; do not put two instruments on the same staff. 
  4. Use this RUBRIC to guide you and help you earn the highest points possible. Students are encouraged to show their work to Dr. Selby regularly, and especially if and when they have any questions about how to proceed. Students will perform their works for the class; truly exceptional compositions may be selected by Dr. Selby for performance in the Spring Concert.