New Year Welcome

Welcome Students and Parents to the 2018-2019 SOA High School Orchestra Program!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer break. I know it goes by quickly, but I am very excited about the new year, and the first day of school is right around the corner. There is a lot to tell you, but I’ll be as brief as possible. Please attend the Parent Meeting on August 30 at 6PM in the HS Orchestra Room; we will be reviewing new policies, this year’s trips, special performances at the Gaillard and more.

1. Class Assignments can be accessed through Google Classroom. Click on the tabs for the appropriate classes at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to download music. If you don’t know which class you are in, EMAIL Dr. Selby.

2. Please download the attached handbook, and follow the instructions on the cover page. The calendar and important forms are in the front of the booklet, and the handbook policies that guide our program follow these forms. Please return the completed forms by August 31. Band students only return the contract and prior commitment form. String students must also return the Field Trip and Region Audition Registration forms.

3. We use CHARMS to pay for class fees, field trip and other payments. This is much safer than sending money to school, which goes through your child's backpack, and then through the hands of the Director and Treasurer before getting deposited. The class fee this year is $185.00, and it is completely tax deductible. You can pay by credit card, print a receipt, and the Booster Treasurer will immediate have record of your payment. Thank you to the many parents who already paid at registration. If you still need to pay, instructions for online payment are below, and on our website.

    1. Go to our website, click on “Fees and Field Trip Payments” and follow the instructions. 

    2. When you enter the Charms Site, save the page to your favorites.
    3. Enter our school code: SOASO
    4. Enter your child's password, which is the first initial and last name of your child. 
        If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for any reason, just EMAIL Dr. Selby
    5. Once you are in Charms, click on the Finances ICON
    6. Next, turn the Affinipay Button ON
    7. Enter your Credit Card information
    8. Click the tiny print receipt button on lower right and you will be emailed a receipt.

4. Some of our classes have new names this year. On your schedule all classes are listed as Strings or Orchestra, but we will refer to these classes with the following names:
    A Days: 1A Sinfonietta, 2A Symphony Technique, and 3A Chamber Technique 
    B Days: 2B Symphony Orchestra, 3B Chamber Orchestra, and 4B Senior Thesis