Fee & Trip Payments

Class Fee
The High School Orchestra Class Fee at the School of the Arts is $185.00 per year. This pays for materials, books, shirts, coaching sessions with professional symphony musicians and more; for a breakdown of the types of things that fees pay for, click HERE. Fees do not pay for the upkeep and repair of our school cellos and basses, nor are these fees used for scholarships for economically disadvantaged students. 

Instrument Rental for School Use
Students who play cello or double bass can either bring their instruments back and forth to school, or they can rent an instrument to use at school. To use a school cello or bass during the day, complete and send in the Instrument School Use Form. The $100 instrument fee pays for new strings, bow hair, and minor repairs caused by normal use. Students who carelessly or maliciously damage a school instrument may be asked to pay for part or all of the damages.  

If you are having trouble paying the class fee, instrument rental, field trip, or any other booster related cost, PLEASE email Dr. Selby (christopher_selby@charleston.k12.sc.us). If you have questions about your account, please contact the Treasurer, Kathy Adams at jaykath@comcast.com. Dr. Selby does not have student booster account information. Mrs. Adams will also be recording payments in Charms, and parents will be able to log in and see what they still owe.

We thank Mrs. Adams for volunteering her time, phone number and address so that we can make these payments easier.

Ways to pay fees and field trip payments

1. The BEST way to pay for fees, instrumental rental, and field trips is through CHARMS. Click HERE.
  1. Enter our school code: SOASO
  2. Enter your child's password, which is the first initial and last name of your child. If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for any reason, just EMAIL Dr. Selby
  3. Once you are in Charms, click on the Finances ICON
  4. Next, turn the Affinpay Button ON
  5. Enter your Credit Card information
  6. Click the tiny print receipt button on lower right and you will be emailed a receipt.
  7. The Booster Treasurer will receive immediate record of your payment.
Your payment is deposited immediately into our account when you use Charms. This is much safer than sending money to school, which goes through your child's backpack, and then through the hands of the Director and Treasurer before getting deposited. 

2. Send in a check (not cash) via your student. Make sure the student's name and what the money is for is written clearly on the check. The student needs to put the check in the cashbox next to the director's door. The director will then send your check to the Orchestra Boosters Treasurer.