Playing Tests

In the olden days, playing tests were done in class. Everyone sat quietly while each student took turns playing their test in front of everyone. This usually took a while, much instructional time was lost, and students often got so nervous that their performance did not accurately reflect what they were truly able to perform.

Modern day technology has transformed how students demonstrate their skills on their instruments. Now, students can record their playing test at home, playing it as many times as they like until they are satisfied that their recording is their best effort. After they record their excerpt, they have several choices for getting the performance to the teacher.

1. The majority of the students use the Charms account we purchased; they don't email anything. They record themselves on their phone or computer using Charms and then they press submit.
2. Some students have had trouble with this app, so they prefer recording a video or audio on their phone or computer and they
  • email me a facebook link or youtube link set to unlisted so I am the only person who can see it
  • email me a sound file or video file. (Large files sometimes have trouble getting through)
3. If all of these options do not work, students can schedule a time to record the test on my classroom ipad on the day of the evening it's due (most tests are now due at 11:59 PM). Students who chose this method need to schedule a time that day so the test is not late.

Students that do not submit their test on time will play their test in class the next day; points are deducted for the test being late.