Region Orchestra Info

Congratulations to the 53 SOA High School Orchestra students who qualified to perform in the Lowcountry Region Orchestra at Wando HS on November 9 and 10. Registration forms are due October 18, and all other information (schedules, concert dress, etc) can be found linked to the right on this page. At this point the students have all of their music and also the information packet (hard copy) that I sent home with the kids last week. 

We are going to need volunteer chaperones at the Region Orchestra event at Wando HS Friday-Saturday, November 9-10. Chaperons can just bring a book or laptop and sit and listen to rehearsals, and if there are any problems, I'll be there to resolve things. Even though it's not technically a field trip (parents are transporting their own children, and giving their own kids meds) I'd still like to have a little help supervising 53 students :-). 

If you have questions, check the Region web page, but also feel free to email me.

For more detailed information, click on the links below:

SOA Information Letter from Dr. Selby

Region Orchestra Student Information

Region Schedule

Friday Dinner and T-Shirt Order Form

Directions to Wando HS

11-12 Chairtest Excerpts

Violin 1
  • Tchaikovsky, Waltz, measures 63-133
  • Tchaikovsky, Elegy, measures 23-50
  • Warlock, movement 4 Bransles, Beginning - Letter E
Violin 2
  • Tchaik. Waltz mm. 53-111
  • Tchaik Elegy, mm. 137-150
  • Warlock, movement 4, Bransles, beginning - letter E
  • Tchaikovsky, Waltz , mm. 118-134
  • Tchaik. Elegy, mm. 31-43
  • Warlock, mvt. 4, Bransles, Beginning - letter E
  • Tchaikovsky, Waltz, mm. 47-81
  • Tchaik. Elegy, mm. 31-50
  • Warlock, mvt. 4, Bransles, Beginning- E
  • Tchaikovsky, Waltz, 91-111
  • Tchaik. elegy, 109-138
  • Warlock, Mvt. 4, Bransles, K - end