Strings 1

  • Spring Awards Concert is May 11, 6:30pm in RMMT, Free and Open to Public
  • A Minor Scale and Arpeggio Due April 30

  1. Long Bow Variations
  2. Spiccato and Sautille Exercises
High School Book
  1. A Melodic Minor
  2. No. 48, Variations K and L, Slurred and Separate
Middle School Book
  1. First Position Exercises 47-55
  2. Upper Position Exercises 88-103
    1. 67, 
  3. Chorale No. 11, Ex. 222

Sectional Rooms:
    1. Violins: Main Room
    2. Seniors in Instrument Room A
    3. Violas: room B
    4. Juniors in Room C
    5. Bass: Room D
    6. Cellos: Room E
Google Classroom: 7jc5rm7 (Email a YouTube if you cannot figure out Google Classroom)
  • From your smartphone or computer, download "Google Classroom" free from the App Store
  • Use your school email account, and enter the class code: 7jc5rm7.
Past Assignments

Remind 101 for Strings 4 and String Orchestra
To subscribe to Remind 101 for Strings 4 and String Orchestra, text @strings4h to 843-547-4956. Occasionally, Dr. Selby will send out a text to remind students about an upcoming assignment or event. While reminder texts cannot replace good calendar management, they can be helpful.