Symphony Chairtest

Symphony Chairtest is Due August 24, 2015

All Symphony students will submit a Chair Audition Video to determine the seating for the first concert. In Symphony, Chamber 5 students will be seated on the inside seat of each stand; Chamber 6 students will also submit an audition video, and they will sit on the outside. For more information about seating in symphony, click here: Seating Policy.

Videos must be submitted by 11:59 pm August 24, 2015. The entire student must be visible in the video; Charms audio files are NOT permitted for Symphony Auditions. To make a video, record the performance with a smart phone or video camera, and upload the video to youtube. Set the youtube privacy settings to UNLISTED (not private.) Copy the youtube link, and email the link to Dr. Selby ( Video files are too big to email, so email the link instead. If youtube is not an option for you, email Dr. Selby to arrange an alternate format, like submitting a thumb drive with the video file.

Students will be evaluated on technique, intonation, rhythm, tone and articulationsStudents are to aim for the given performance tempos; however they are encouraged to play the excerpts only as fast as they can perform the music well.  The required excerpts are from Rossini's William Tell Overture. Listen to a couple of recordings to familiarize yourself with the excerpts. Click on the link of the appropriate instrument part and video record only the excerpts listed; do not record the entire movement. Violins, learn the correct part; your names are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Violin 1 Part. Record one excerpt, from mm. 260-360 at tempo = 150.
    • Violin 1:  Elliott Cihlar,  Casey Derieux,  Jenna Farnham, Chris Garrison, Sabrina Green, Josh Hornig, Benjamin Kremer, Cecilia McGuinn, Karen Mendes, Manuel Mendes, Cecelia Ostapeck, Karl Pless, Elliott Weeks
  • Violin 2 PartRecord two excerpts: 1. Measures 127-147 at tempo =170. and 2. mm. 260-315 at tempo = 150.
    • Violin 2:  Luke Ablonzcy, Elysia Andrews, Janet Brandon, Harper Cash, Abby Disharoon, Camille Feaster, Helana Heath, Evan Lux, Jake Magee, Walker Menkus, Angelica Rodriguez, Isabella Sullivan, Bethany Yeung, Edward Yun
  • Viola PartRecord two excerpts: 1. Beginning of the Allegro on p. 2 to Letter C at tempo =170. and 2. from letter H to I at tempo = 150.
  • Cello PartRecord two excerpts: 1. Measures 110-147 at tempo =170. and record Cello Solo #1 from mm. 1-47.
  • Bass PartRecord two excerpts: 1. Letter C to D at tempo =170. and 2. Letter N to P at tempo = 150.