Fete Polonaise by Chabrier

From the comic opera, Le Roi malgre lui (The King In Spite of Himself)
Feature Recording: Detroit Symphony

The title is French for "Polish festival." More than just the French word for Polish, the Polonaise is known in music as a dance of Polish origin in 3/4 that popularly done at festivals and carnival parties. According to Wikipedia, the Polonaise is always a first dance at a studniówka ("hundred-days"), the Polish equivalent of the senior prom that occurs approximately 100 days before exams.
Students are responsible for learning the following excerpts that will be performed and assessed in class or by recorded test:

String Test #1
Violin 1 & 2: mm. 95-151
Viola: 25-55, 128-151
Cello: 45-63, 128-156
Bass: 55-59, 98-151

String Test #2
Violin 1: Letter S to X
Violin 2: Letter T to X
Viola: Letter F to L 
Cello: 266-302, Letter S to T and 448-475
Bass: F-H, 363-406; Letter Y-end
Number your measures along the sides of your music. To reduce errors, begin by writing the measure numbers on the measures with letters. Their numbers are listed below

A 33
B 55
C 71
D 88
E 112
F 128
G 134
H 156
I 190
K 222
L 254
M 286
N 318
O 340
P 356
Q 363
R 380
S 396
T 419
U 435
V 461
X 475
Y 493
Last measure: 511