Audio/Video Homework Directions

Orchestra Homework
The simplest way to submit homework performing assignments is through Charms Blue. Students can download Charms Blue from the App Store on their smart phone, and prepare and submit these assignments from the comfort of their home.  Charms Blue gives students the opportunity to play their assignment over and over and submit only their best performance. If you have not yet downloaded the Charms Blue App on your phone, the instructions are HERE.

Tips for submitting a test on Charms Blue. 
  1. Open the Charms Blue App on your Phone or Computer.
  2. Go to the Recording Studio.
  3. Click on My Assignments, and click on the assignment you want to submit.
  4. Follow the instructions to record an assignment. You can play it back before you officially send it with the submit button. If you don't like what you hear, record it again.
  5. Once you are happy with the recording, press submit.
  6. To Check and make sure it sent to Dr. Selby, click on "My Recordings" and if your recording was successful, you should see your recording in the My Recordings folder.
  7. If there is no assignment link or you'd like to submit a recording, you can go to the recording studio and submit a recording.
Finally, if the Charms App is not working properly--and sometimes it doesn't--you can submit a recording using youtube by following the instructions in the next column.

Video Exams
Students will be asked to submit a video for the biggest, or most important assessments, like a midterm exam, final exam, jury, concerto competition, or an audition for Symphony or Sinfonietta. If students or parents are not comfortable with creating a video, students are welcome to perform the excerpts live for Dr. Selby, but Dr. Selby will only hear and grade the first performance.

Tips for submitting a video via YouTube:
  1. Start early; don't wait until the night before to figure out how to make a video.
  2. Record yourself on your smartphone, home computer, or video camera.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube (you must create a youtube account first, but this is easy.) Hint: Do this with Wi-Fi either at home or school, and you will not be charged for data usage.
  4. After uploading your video, set the video to the "UNLISTED" setting, which keeps others from being able to search for your video. The "private" setting will not allow Dr. Selby to see it, and the "public" setting would allow everyone to see it; you want the "unlisted" setting.
  5. Click on your video so the video's URL pops up in the browser window. 
  6. Highlight and copy your video's URL link and paste it into your email to Dr. SelbyIf your are submitting several links, identify each link in your email (for example: Beethoven, mm. 1-45) right next to the link.
  7. Send the email to Dr. Selby and cc the email to yourself, so you can double check to make sure all of the links and video's are the way you want them.
Tips for submitting a video via flash drive:
  1. Start early; don't wait until the night before to figure out how to make a video.
  2. Record yourself on your home computer or video camera.
  3. Save the video as a .wav file and put it on a flash drive. Click on it and make sure the video works, and sounds the way you want.
  4. Bring the flash drive to Dr. Selby on or before the due date, and he can down load the video to his computer. Put your name on your flash drive if you need to leave it with Dr. Selby.