SC All-State Orchestra Live Audition

Why Try Out for the South Carolina All-State Orchestra?

The South Carolina All-State Orchestra is a three-day orchestra event for the strongest string players in the state of South Carolina. All-State events are wonderful opportunities for students to perform with the finest student musicians in South Carolina and to perform under the direction of nationally/internationally renowned conductors. College recruiters look for student accomplishments such as acceptance in to these prestigious orchestras, and these events also give students a chance to meet and make new friends around the state with similar interests.

Students who participated in Region Orchestra are eligible and encouraged to try out for All-state Orchestra, but they are NOT REQUIRED to try out. If a student does try out and makes it, they ARE required to attend all-state and travel with our school group; so, don't try out if you don't plan to go. If you do not plan to audition, please let Dr. Selby know.

How To Audition This Year

  • Audition Date: Saturday, January 8, 2022.

  • Audition Location: Irmo HS 6671 St Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC 29212

  • Audition Times are posted in the right column. Students should show up to the audition at least 30 minutes before their posted time. They must check in at the registration table when they arrive.

  • Audition Requirements click here: All-State Audition Excerpt Link. After clicking the link, select the appropriate instrument and grade level. Learn all of the excerpts, although judges will likely not hear every excerpt in its entirety. Contact Dr. Selby if you have trouble with the link.

  • All-State Event Information: The All State Orchestra will be held at the brand new Spartanburg High School facility hosted by the teachers in Spartanburg District 7, February 25-27, 2022.

Student Audition Times by Last Name
Sadie Wood 10:00 AMMaya Ervin 1:00 PMPeter O'Malley 1:00 PMAnais Robledo Murillo 1:00 PMGabe Stewart 1:00 PMDecker Elam 2:00 PMMegan Black 11:00 AMRaney Buist-Holmes 11:00 AMYosef Chang 11:00 AMDaniel DeLeon 11:00 AMJulia Dubay 11:00 AMElizabeth Hornig 11:00 AMAda Misenheimer 11:00 AMMalaika Affonso 11:00 AMEvan Baker 11:00 AMLula Kate Benson 11:00 AMAddison Black 1:00 PMGiovanni Cusatis 1:00 PMNash Doar 1:00 PMLena Fimian 1:00 PMElaina Gable 1:00 PMGracen Herrin 1:00 PMDelaney Kirk 1:00 PMSophia Kozlowski 1:00 PMDaniel Maniscalco 1:00 PMMargaret Moore 1:00 PMGrace Pennington 1:00 PMKalea Vincion 1:00 PMKaitlin Petersen 2:00 PMEmily Russell 2:00 PMAlex Selby 2:00 PMLuke Shackelford 2:00 PMClara Anne Stavrinakis 2:00 PMCapers Tabrizian 2:00 PMEsmée Throckmorton 2:00 PMDaphne Tong 2:00 PMAyden Caffarel 11:00 AMTyson Gallerani 11:00 AMJustin Gilliard 11:00 AMDevin O'Brien 11:00 AMKate Selby 1:00 PMPagelyn Smalls 1:00 PMAnne Sterba 1:00 PMJade Williams 1:00 PMParveen Adem 10:00 AMAiden Blue 10:00 AMRiley Borkowski 11:00 AMIris Gomez 11:00 AMGeorgia Sollitt 11:00 AMCyle Tang 11:00 AMCarolina Agrest 11:00 AMNatalie Blakeslee 11:00 AMFinnean Carmichael 11:00 AMGabrielle Chinnis-Limehouse 11:00 AMCarlé Chisholm 11:00 AMKayley Genova 11:00 AMNicholas Grayson 11:00 AMEloise Hastie 1:00 PMAlex Lim 1:00 PMKennedy Mack 1:00 PMMary Maniscalco 1:00 PMEmma Parker 1:00 PMYatawee Petchsuriya 1:00 PMIsabella Pineda 1:00 PM Emmanuel Stavrinakis 1:00 PMTrow Weeks 1:00 PM