School Instruments

Students must have a quality instrument in good playing condition that receives proper and regular maintenance. Violin and viola students are required to bring their instruments to every orchestra class and take their instrument home every day. Cello and bass students may rent a school instrument to use at school but must have their own instrument at home for homework. All students are responsible for taking care of any school instrument to which they are assigned. Students are expected to purchase and keep the necessary accessories with their instrument, including rosin, shoulder pads or rock stops, cloths, pencils, and good strings.

Cases do look alike, and students have been known to take the wrong instrument home. To help everyone identify your instrument, all cases must be marked clearly tagged with the student's name and contact information, preferably on an SOA Symphony tag. If you need a tag, please just ask. Students may register the serial number and all pertinent information about their instrument(s) on Charms.


Instruments should be stored in an instrument locker when not in use. Students will be assigned a locker in the storage room for their instrument storage. Students must provide their own locks, and combinations must be submitted to the director before placing it on the locker. Students are expected to keep their locker and the instrument storage room clean. Please do not keep food in the instrument storage room.

Instrument Care

Instruments, strings, and bows should be wiped clean with a soft cloth after each use. Bows should be loosened and put away when not being used. Instruments should never be left on the floor or on top of a case unattended.

Cello & Bass Rental

Cello and Bass students who would like to use a school instrument at school must pay the Instrument Rental Fee ($120). Simply return the Instrument Rental Form and a check made to the SOA HSO to the Director, and an instrument will be assigned. Instruments are assigned on a first come, first-served basis. Any damage incurred to an instrument or bow, whether it is the student’s instrument or another’s, due to the failure to follow these procedures or by negligence on the part of the student, is solely the responsibility of that student.