Concert Attire

Students are required to purchase formal concert attire.


  • Black tux pants (get pants with an adjustable waist clip and long in the leg, so you can hem them now and let out the waist and hem as he grows.)
  • White, wing-tip collared shirt with a pleated front (order 1 size bigger than normal so he can move and grow)
  • Black Tux Jacket, preferably "notch lapel," but the "peak lapel" is also common. (order at least 1 size bigger than normal so he can move and grow)
  • Black cummerbund, bow-tie, black socks, and dress shoes. If it was my son, I'd go ahead and buy a 2nd bow tie now. :)

Where to get a cheap tux? First try on line, or Burlington Coat Factory. I bought my first tux used from a tuxedo shop. From the stage, it all looks good. When he is full grown, you can go to Men's Warehouse, or other similar menswear shop, and get a nice one; but when they are still growing, don't invest a lot of money.


Girls are required to have the same concert dress. The cost of the dress is $85.00 for regular sizes and $95.00 for plus sizes. You can pay for your dress on Charms or write a check out to: SOA HSO Boosters. Girls will try on dresses at school to determine the correct size. To make the dress order on time, women must submit their order NO LATER than September 25.

Note: This is the same concert dress required of SOA Band Majors. Symphony Wind, Brass, & Percussion students do not need a second uniform.

Previously Owned Tuxes and Dresses for Sale

If you are hoping to get a preowned dress/tux, or you own a tux or SOA Orchestra/Band Concert Dress that you'd like to sell, please post the item's size, number of years worn, price, and your contact info at this facebook page: This information will be posted, and prospective buyers/sellers will contact and deal with you directly.