Daily Performance

In large ensemble classes, students will be assessed mostly on their ensemble skills, defined as an individual student’s ability to perform with everyone else, like everyone else. Students will be graded on their ability to play with flawless instrument position, left and right hand technique. Students will also be assessed on their ability to perform the correct fingerings, and bow strokes in the correct part of the bow. Students are encouraged not to wear restrictive clothing or long fingernails that will impair their daily performance and grade. Forgetting required materials like their instrument or music also negatively impacts a student’s daily performance and grade. Students are also graded on their daily technique and musical performance in their strings classes.

Homework and Tests

Students will regularly receive playing and written assignments that they are expected to learn or complete at home. Students will perform alone and in groups to demonstrate their mastery of scales, etudes, and orchestras excerpts from their concert music. Students tend to perform better on tests and receive higher grades when they have a regular time and quiet place to practice every day. Written work that is turned in late may receive a lower grade. In most cases, grades will be posted within 48 hours of the test or event.

After-school Rehearsals and Concerts

Concerts and after-school rehearsals are considered part of the class requirement for orchestra. Good communication between teachers, students, and parents can prevent misunderstandings. So, please read the rules for Concert Attendance and communicate directly with the director if there are individual, or unusual, circumstances that may be a problem.