Concert Attendance

Concerts and after-school rehearsals are considered part of the class requirement for orchestra. Good communication between teachers, students, and parents can prevent misunderstandings. So, please communicate immediately with the director when there are problems and schedule conflicts.

The orchestra’s performance calendar is on the front page of our website at Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes early to rehearsals and 45 minutes early to concerts to unpack, warm-up and get ready; students are expected to stay for the entire rehearsal or performance. Students will receive grades for every evening rehearsal and performance. Students that are absent, tardy or leave early for any unexcused reason may earn a lower grade, or a zero. Students who come to a concert performance in unacceptable attire will have their concert grade reduced; in extreme cases, a student will not be allowed to perform. Students who miss a concert for unexcused reasons will be given a research paper to make up their performance grade.

There are only two excused reasons for missing all or part of a rehearsal or performance:

1. Death in the family or comparable devastating family emergency

2. Student illnesses verified by a school readmit slip

To be excused, a written note from parents is required for each absence and tardy. Verbal or written excuses from students and emails are not accepted.

  1. Prior commitments. A prior commitment is defined as an event to which a student has already committed when the concert or schedule is announced. Please look closely at the calendar, record all required rehearsals and performances on your personal calendar, and inform the director of any conflicts by September 1st. We do our best to minimize schedule changes, but when they occur during the year, students/parents are to inform the director of conflicts within one week of the schedule change. Students who work are expected to request that their work schedules be arranged to accommodate all rehearsals and performances. Employers should be informed that this is a part of the student’s requirement for a class and not an extra-curricular activity. Rehearsals and performances are part of this class, and missing class to work is not excused. Established religious holidays are excused if the director is notified in writing by the parent.
  2. In the case of an illness or a family emergency, the parent should send a written notice to the director as soon as they are aware that such a situation exists. This is the only category where absences will be excused the same day, or after, the event. Students who were present at school on both the day preceding and the day following an after-school event will not receive an excused absence without a doctor’s excuse.