Jury Requirements

All students are required to perform a jury at the end of each semester. The jury grade is the final exam grade for each semester, worth 20% of the student’s grade. Students who qualify and participate in all-state orchestra can exempt the first semester jury, and will be given a jury grade of 98%. Students may also pass-off their jury requirements before the jury date.

Seniors pursuing an SOA Diploma must perform the Senior Thesis Solo for their first semester jury. They may use sheet music, but will be required to play all (or any part of) the entire movement. Seniors not pursuing an SOA diploma may perform the orchestral excerpts required of all other symphony students.

Juniors and Sophomores will be asked to perform orchestra excerpts from their concert music. The following excerpts from Beethoven's Fifth Symphony are to be prepared for the 1st Semester Jury:

Violin 1: movement 4--m.384 to letter A; letter B to m.445, and letter G to H.

Violin 2 and Viola: movement 4--mm.414-435; letter D to E, and letter F to m.644.

Cello and Bass: movt. 3--letter A to B; movement 4, m. 453-463, and m. 509-523.

Freshmen: Advanced Technique exercises

Violins: #132 and 145

Violas and Cellos: #132 and 135

Basses: #134 and 135