SOA Service Opportunities

This page lists additional performance opportunities for SOA Symphony students. To receive credit for performing, students must complete the form specifically for the credit for which they are applying (see below). Students cannot receive school service credit, a grade, or extra credit for any gig for which they receive cash or services.

PreApproved Service Hours (Community service for SOA Diploma)

  • Tutoring at the North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary. SOA String Majors can earn pre-approved service hours for tutoring K-4th grade students at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary (across the street from SOA). Email Ms. Katherine Seman ( or text her (843-855-4017) to set up a time after school to mentor these young Suzuki violinists with their bowing technique, finger placement, and rhythms. Most of these students have difficulty affording instrument rental and private lessons; students would assist these children in the way a private instructor would.

Choice Service Hours (Community service for SOA Diploma).If the performance is not under either "choice" or "pre-approved" lists, it is NOT considered community service. Students are required to check with the director before they perform an event for exceptions to be made.

Symphony Service (Raising community awareness and funds for the Symphony Program) Gigs listed under Symphony Service can be applied toward Senior Thesis, Tri-M or Sinfonietta requirements.

  • French Quarter Inn, perform holiday music during wine and cheese hour (5:30-6:30) in front of the fire place
      • To arrange a time to play, contact Jessica Bowman office 843.724.4321
Signature Chef Auction