Recorded Region Audition

Click Here for a Preview of the First Region Excerpt for Fall 2022

Below is last year's audition information; you may read to familiarize yourself with the process.


Students are to record their audition at home according to the following procedures and rules. Read them carefully or your video will be disqualified. You will record ONE VIDEO with your scale and abridged excerpts. This means you only need to record the part of the excerpts listed in canvas. What is on each video:

1. SHOW YOUR AUDITION PASS. Write your individual audition number on the pass in clear, bold, capital letters, and hold it in front of the camera for at least 2 seconds for the judges to see and record your number.

2. PERFORM THE SCALE AND EXCERPTS IN ONE TAKE. Only perform the portions of the excerpts assigned, and perform them exactly in the order listed. The video must be recorded all in take with no stops, or your video will be disqualified.

  • 9-10 REGION Orchestra

Violin: Perform the 3 Octave B Melodic Minor Scale, Wohlfhart Etude from mm.13-37, the Sarabanda from m. 9 to the end, and Giga from m. 16-end.

Viola: Perform the 3 Octave E Melodic Minor Scale, Wohlfhart Etude from mm.25-end, and Bach from mm. 4-15 (beat 1)

Cello: Perform the 3 Octave D Melodic Minor Scale, Lee Etude from beginning to beat 1 of m. 63, and Bach from mm. 1-11 (beat 1)

Bass: Perform the 2 Octave Bb Major Scale, Bach from mm. 1-13 (end on fermata), and Handel mm. 1-17

  • 11-12 REGION Orchestra

Violin: Perform the 3 Octave E Major Scale, Rode Caprice from m. 40 to End, Bach Concerto from m. 42-end.

Viola: Perform the 3 Octave E Melodic Minor Scale, Wohlfhart Etude from mm.17-end, and Bach from mm. 11-17 (beat 1)

Cello: Perform the 3 Octave F Melodic Minor Scale, Dotzauer Etude from mm.1 to the first 2 notes of m. 23, and Vivadi from mm. 1-26

Bass: Perform the 2 Octave B Minor Scale, Simandl from mm. 5 to the d on beat 1 of m. 25, Dragonetti mm. 1-17

3. CHECK YOUR VIDEO. Listen to the whole thing, because the judges will! Make sure the audio sounds good and everything recorded the way you want. If it didn’t, then create a new video.

4. UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO TO YOUTUBE, and set it to UNLISTED. This allows judges to see/hear your video. Your audition will be disqualified if your video is set to “private” because judges will not be able to judge the video.

5. COPY YOUR VIDEO LINK AND SUBMIT IT IN CANVAS by Sunday October 3 at 11:59pm. Dr. Selby must send your video link to the Region audition board the next day.

Results will take about two weeks. Additional Tips: Make a video using a device with good audio. Phones tend to be better than computers, but you should test several devices to see which has the best sound. Perform your audition in a room with good acoustics, and wear nice clothes. Don’t wear apparel that identifies your school. For additional details and information, click here:

YouTube Video Directions for Students

Why Try Out for the Lowcountry Region Orchestra?

The Lowcountry Region Orchestra is a two-day orchestra event for the strongest string players in this region of the state. Students who participate in the Region Orchestra may audition for the South Carolina All-State Orchestra, the most talented players in the entire state. Both events are wonderful opportunities for students to perform with the finest student musicians in South Carolina and to perform under the direction of a nationally/internationally renowned conductor. College recruiters look for student accomplishments such as acceptance in to these prestigious orchestras, and these events also give students a chance to meet and make new friends around the region/state with similar interests.

How To Audition This Year (The 2020 Region Auditions will be VERY different this year, so READ CAREFULLY.)

Students will be submitting video auditions, and this page has been created to guide you through this process. It's important to know that last year our region (Lowcountry Region) was split into two regions, which means there are MANY more spots for students to make it into the Region Orchestra.

  • Audition Due Date: Saturday, January 9, 2021: Video Auditions will be recorded by the STUDENT at their own house, and must be submitted electronically by Saturday, January 9, 2021.

  • Register for the Region Audition, click SOA String Region Registration, and complete the google form.

  • Audition Requirements click here: Region Audition Excerpt Link. After clicking the link, select the appropriate instrument and grade level. Required Scales are posted in the top left corner of each audition excerpt page. Contact Dr. Selby if you have trouble with the link.

  • Region Event Information: The Region Rehearsals and Concert will be located in the new auditorium and facility at James Island Charter High School on February 19-20, 2021. We will keep an eye on the pandemic and district rules, and will continue to make adjustments accordingly. Even if the Region Event is postponed or canceled due to the pandemic, students who qualify for Region Orchestra will receive Region Recognition at the end of the year, and will be eligible to try out for All-State orchestra.