AUDITIONS for All-State are on January 7, 2023 at Irmo HS in Irmo, SC. The inclement weather date is January 21. The audition music is available at the following link: https://www.scmea.net/divisions/orchestra-division/all-state-orchestra/all-state-audition-materials/


Make sure you click on and download the music for your instrument and grade


Do NOT try out if you do not plan to go to All-State. Students are encouraged to try out for All-state Orchestra, but they are NOT REQUIRED to try out. If a student does try out and makes it, they ARE required to attend all-state and travel with our school group. The All State Orchestra Event will be held at Cane Bay High School from February 24-26, 2023.


Your Audition Time is Listed below in alphabetical order by last name.



2 PM    Parveen Adem

1 PM    Carolina Agrest

2 PM    Evan Baker

11 AM Addie Black

10:30   Megan Black

10        Natalie Blakeslee

11:30   Riley Borkowski

10:30   Ayden Caffarel

10        Finnean Carmichael

11        Gabrielle Chinnis

11        Carlé Chisolm

10:30   Christian Curran

11        Giovanni Cusatis

1:00     Luciano Cusatis

10        James Nash Doar

9:30     Macy Driggers

1          Julia Dubay

2          Stella Dye

1          Decker Elam

2          Lena Fimian

1          Kendrick Freligh

11:30   Tyson Gallerani

11        Kayley Genova

9:30     Justin Gilliard

10:30   Juvon Gilliard

1          Nicholas Grayson

1:00     Eloise Hastie

11:30   Ethan Hayre

10        Delaney Kirk

1:00     Paul Knox

10        Alex Lim

11        Eli Liu

2:00     Kennedy Mack

9          Roger Martinez

2pm     Margie Moore

10:30   Abigail Morea

1PM    Kennedy Nellins

11:30   Miles Owens-Walker

11        Emma Parker

10        Reagan Passantino

11        Grace Pennington

1PM    Rayna Perez

2PM    Yatawee Petchsuriya

11        Isabella Pineda

11        Lydia Plante

2PM    Andrew Russell

1PM    Alex Selby

10:30   Kate Selby

10        Luke Shackelford

2          Pagelyn Smalls

10:30   Emma Stavrinakis

10        Manny Stavrinakis

2pm     Annie Sterba

2pm     Capers Tabrizian

11:30   Cyle Tang

11:30   Macie Turner

10:00   Kalea Vincion

1PM    Trow Weeks

10        Meghan Wells

10        Ava Whitener

11:30   Jade Williams

10:30   Sadie Wood