Symphony Auditions for String Majors

High School string majors are encouraged to begin their advancing string studies in Chamber Orchestra. Rising 9th grade students who demonstrate exceptional gift (by performing in 8th Grade All-State Orchestra, for example) are encouraged to audition for Symphony/Symphony Technique.

Readiness. Students are placed into more challenging classes after they demonstrate their readiness through classroom performance and also their performance on the symphony audition. Students who do not demonstrate mastery of the necessary skills will not be placed into Symphony, even if there are spaces open.

Instrumentation. The success of each orchestra class that our students take depends in part upon balanced numbers of violins, violas, cellos and basses in those classes. Dr. Selby will determine student placement and spread students between the Chamber Technique, Symphony Technique and Sinfonietta classes based upon their ability, grade, and instrument balance across all the three classes.

2022 Symphony Audition Requirements

The SOA HS Symphony is a video audition. Videos must be submitted by Sunday, April 3, 2022.

1. Audition excerpts are to be performed with the correct notes, rhythms and bowings. Fingerings are suggested, but not required. Highest marks will be given to performances with a beautiful tone and played at the concert tempo marked on each excerpt.

2. Record all excerpts in one video. The entire student must be visible in the video. Modern cell phones have better microphones than computers, so cell phone video is encouraged.

3. Upload the video to this link: Symphony Audition 2022 by 11:59pm, Sunday, April 3, 2022. Students may need to use their school email account to log in.

4. If you have questions, email Dr. Selby: (

Symphony Excerpts for Each Instrument

Active links to excerpts are at

· Violin Excerpts: VX4, VX5, and VX6

· Viola Excerpts: AX4, AX5, and AX6

· Cello Excerpts: CX5, CX6, and CX7

· Bass Excerpts: BX5, BX6, BX7, and BX8

School of the Arts Artistic Reaudition Policy

Students who do not maintain an 80% average in their major classes are required to re-audition for SOA. Symphony students who do not pass the re-audition will drop down a level to the Chamber Technique/Orchestra or will return to their home school.